Local Business Owners: Learn How To Get More Customers With Facebook Lead Ads



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Here's What You'll Learn During this 30-Minute LIVE Demo


How to make sure your Lead Ad is irresistible to prospective customers (this one step will set you up for success).



How to actually set up your first ad campaign (it's not as hard as you think)...and what to watch out for.



How to handle all your new leads (the FUN part!). You'll learn what you must do to turn leads into customers, and my tips for making this EASY.


About the Speaker

Mariana Park is a digital marketing strategist who specializes in helping businesses create profitable advertising campaigns. She's a Certified Facebook Planning Professional, which means that she knows how to run ad campaigns that bring in leads and clients.

She ran her first advertising campaign in 2012 and she still remembers the thrill of having complete strangers click through to her site and purchase. Since then, she's been hooked on online marketing.

She spends her spare time hanging out with her four kids and husband...and catching up on sleep! She also has a slight obsession with her Nespresso machine, and is usually walking around with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee.

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