Scale Your Traffic with Paid Advertising


Paid advertising is a testable, trackable way to gain exposure and get customers. 

Facebook ads are a very effective way for local businesses to acquire leads and customers. 

Targeted Facebook ad campaigns show your ads to people most likely to be your customers, ensuring that your advertising budget is well-spent. Within days, you could be getting phone calls or visits from prospective clients, eager to try out your product or service.

However, it can be time-consuming and confusing to become familiar with the Facebook ads platform.

We offer a turnkey solution, taking care of all the technical set-up, the copywriting and the audience selection. All you have to do is handle the leads as we pass them to you in real-time.

Create Content to Attract New Leads


Content creation is an essential component of your inbound marketing strategy. Each piece of content is part of a web of content that captures search engine visitors and funnels them towards your website.

If you need help planning and writing your content, we can help. Our first step, before writing any content, is to perform an in-depth keyword analysis. Keyword research starts with analyzing the search terms, or keywords, that people are typing into search engines

By understanding what people are actually searching for, we can create content that directly addresses their queries. This will ensure that you're only writing content that will attract prospects to your website. Over time, your content will attract targeted search-engine traffic.

Establish and Grow Your Social Media Presence


Social media marketing is an essential tool for positioning your business and interacting with prospects and customers.

But the sheer number of social media channels, combined with the constant need for fresh content, can overwhelm many business owners.

Social media growth requires a strategic approach, where your business goals drive your strategy. This is where we step in.

We start from the beginning delving deep into your business vision and goals. We also identify your unique selling proposition: what is truly unique about YOUR business.

Then we develop a social media strategy that helps you reach your business goals while clearly conveying your unique selling proposition.

As part of your strategy, we'll also help you develop a plan for growing your audience. Once your strategy is in place, we'll help you:

  • Create a monthly content calendar (no more guesswork about what to post)
  • Curate and create relevant content that engages and grows your audience  
  • Engage with your audience (so that they get a great first impression of your brand)

Hi, I'm Mariana...

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. You might be curious about who I am (I always read the "About" page on any website, maybe you're like that as well). I have quite a story, but I'll keep it short for now.

I'm formally trained as a scientist, but after I had kids my priorities changed and I made the decision to start my own business...Thus began my passion for marketing. I still remember the first time I ran a paid advertising campaign: it was so exciting that a little ad attracted complete strangers to my website (and some of them actually bought stuff). 

After that, I was hooked on online marketing, especially paid advertising. To round out my knowledge, I obtained several certifications, including Facebook's Certified Planning Professional certification.

This brings me to my mission: I want to help business owners (like you!), who have a great product/service, grow and expand your business. My goal is to take the time-consuming marketing activities off your plate, so you can fully focus on what you love to do.

Want to find out how Binary Universe can help you get more customers? Fill out the contact form below and I'll get back to you. I look forward to speaking and learning more about your business!

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